Winter Watering

When the lawn, trees, shrubs and decorative plants turn brown during the winter months, the drab appearance of a landscape can cause a homeowner to lose motivation when it comes to watering and upkeep. However, watering your landscape during the winter can positively affect the return of vibrant greenery in the warmer months. Because winter weather is often drier, plants need periodical winter watering to keep them healthy in their dormant state. Winter watering can also prevent root damage by giving shrubs and trees a more accessible water source than your waste water pipes.

Water When the Weather is Above Freezing

Knowing when to water your landscape plants is crucial. Ideally, custom landscape designs should be watered only when the weather is above 40 degrees, and the soil is not frozen. While watering should only be done one to two times each month from November to April, it is critical not to miss watering plants during March and April when new roots begin to form. To avoid freezing, midday is the best time for watering your landscape during the winter months. Using a watering wand or hose-end sprinkler works best. Remember to remove the hose after watering to avoid damage that may occur due to freezing. It is also important to water slowly to allow for greater absorption.

Knowing Which Plants to Water

Established landscaping should be among the top priorities when it comes to winter watering. This is especially true of areas that are constantly exposed to the sun or wind. Newly planted trees, flowers and shrubs will also require watering; however, cacti and blue gramma will not. Plants that are very xeric will also not require watering.

Watering during the winter months is important to maintaining beautiful custom landscape designs that will spring to life when the weather becomes warmer. Therefore, homeowners should take the necessary steps to ensure that their trees, shrubs and flowers are properly hydrated though they may appear to be brown and unresponsive. Landscape plants may appear lifeless during the winter, but they are simply resting up to make a vibrant return during the spring.

If you have specific questions about your own custom landscape design and how to water specific items during the winter, don’t hesitate to give the Sunflower Boys at Sunflower Landscapes a call! Dustin and Sheldon are pleased to help anyone with their winter watering techniques. Contact them now!