What’s Your Backyard Style? How To Create Your Perfect Outdoor Haven

When it comes to your home, you’ve got a style all your own.

Shouldn’t your outdoor space reflect that?

We sure think so!

All of us lean toward different styles in our living spaces. Your outdoor area is no exception. It’s simply an extension of your home.

And let’s be honest – after these cold winter months, you might just want to live out there once it’s warm enough!

You’re about to spend a lot of time outdoors, and absolutely no one wants to be known as “the house with the bland backyard.” So get ready to re-imagine your landscape and show off your personality with an outdoor oasis that has you written all over it.



Love an outdoor space that’s elegant and a little whimsical?

Romantic landscapes can bring out enchantment and beauty in that gorgeous patch of greenery behind your home. If you swoon at the idea of countryside views and luscious flower gardens, let your imagination run wild when you begin to bring your romantic landscape style to life.

Adorn your outdoor area with pink, yellow, and white rose bushes. These sweet flowers will leave your guests in awe once they’re in bloom.


Rose bushes

Gardens that show off a romantic flair are incredibly colorful. Add in touches of purples and blues to your outdoor mix. Delphiniums are gorgeous – not to mention, these striking perennials come in deep blues, whites, and pinks if you want to mix up your colors.

Like delphiniums, lilacs also come in a variety of colors. Most known for their beautiful blue shades, you can also choose to enhance your outdoor color palette with other rich hues: whites, burgundy-purples, and even yellows.

Keep up the sweet style and add in pieces that embellish the romanticism in your yard. Put in a tall wooden pergola, and paint it white to offset the deep greens and colors in your outdoor space. Place climbing ivy, heavyweight wisteria, honeysuckle, or jasmine over the arch.

Decorate your outdoor seating area with rustic wooden benches. Finish off the look with creamy white candles and sparkling white string lights that will look dazzling against the night sky.




Dream about an open-air oasis that’s timeless and tasteful?

A classic outdoor look can show off your desire for sophistication. If you want an ageless aesthetic for your home décor, let your mind wander and imagine a kind of backyard beauty that will never go out of style.

Classic landscapes crave structure and detailed decoration. Improve your backyard with bushes and shrubs that subdivide your outdoor setting. Giving them a regular cut and trim keeps them prim and proper for your traditional backyard style.

Use color and texture to enhance your outdoor living space. Plant a mix of red geraniums, white petunias, and blue forget-me-nots into large ornate stone urns. The height and color of these different flowers give dimension to the arrangements, while the urns show off a stately presence.



Give your backyard even more depth and color with a variety of perennials and annuals that are sure to make your backyard stunning.

Purple and white hydrangeas can look incredibly impressive when they’re in full bloom. While you’re at it, add a bold pop of color to the mix. Orange tiger lilies will stand tall and contrast beautifully in front of robust green bushes on the side of your home.

And don’t forget peonies! These flowers are the ultimate blossoms to add to your classic garden. Choose from an array of pretty hues: pinks, whites, reds, or yellows.

Complete your outdoor seating area with topiaries, iron-wrought chairs, and a large table umbrella. Put in a giant hammock to make your classic garden space even more relaxing.




So you want a more contemporary look for your home?

Sounds like you’d enjoy a modern style landscape. If you wish for a backyard space that feels fresh and current, create an oasis that inspires you each time you step out your door.

Modern landscapes are quite distinctive with their clean lines and silhouettes. While a romantic backyard style emphasizes extravagance in color and relaxation in structure, a modern landscape embodies the opposite.

To achieve this innovative outdoor look, decorate your yard with plants and bushes that are both interesting and luscious.

Lamb’s Ears are a unique perennial known for it’s thick and fuzzy leaves. A member of the mint family, it’s best to grow this beauty in mass. Consider lining the edges of your steps with this plant so it gets as much sun as possible.

Succulents are a staple for the modern gardener. Plant a variety of these sun-loving beauties in concrete rectangular planters. The contrasting look between these gorgeous green and purple plants against the grey stone is the perfect look for this fresh outdoor style.


Now, get ready to adorn your backyard getaway with furniture pieces that show off your fashionable taste:

Pair a light brown wooden sofa and chairs with a glass coffee table in the middle of your seating area. Place a geometric white planter in the center of the table, holding a few of your favorite succulents. Layer the furniture with slate grey outdoor cushions and pillows to give it a cozy contemporary look.

Whether you’re simply tweaking your outdoor space or preparing for a complete backyard transformation, you may need some help making the changes you want.

Designing a landscape that looks fantastic for your home takes work, and it isn’t always easy implementing your ideas.

Here at Sunflower Landscapes, we’re ready to take on your backyard challenges. We’ll help you create an impressive outdoor escape that you’ll never want to leave.

When you work with us, we’ll listen to your needs, respect your budget, and craft a gorgeous outdoor area that’s functional for you and your family.

Let’s design a backyard sanctuary that’s tailored to your unique style. Go on and request a free consultation with us today.