Understanding Winter Treatments for Outdoor Living Areas

The winters in Colorado can get quite cold. From temperatures dropping well below zero to snow accumulating up to a foot or more, it’s always a good idea to winterize a home, including any outdoor living areas. Since no two homes are exactly alike, no two winterizing treatment plans will be exactly alike. To understand the proper way to go about winterizing outdoor living areas, it will be of the utmost benefit to contact the Sunflower Boys at Sunflower Landscape. They can help any homeowner understand the best outdoor living area winter treatments to carry out.

Tip 1) Treatment Options for Wood Structures

Cold weather and wetness, such as rain and snow, are very hard on wood structures. Without the right type of maintenance, these structures will tend to mildew. It is extremely important that during wintertime these structures, if possible along with any wooden furniture, be moved into a garage or some type of building structure. It’s also important to stain them once a year with a water-tight sealer.

Tip 2) Colorado Winter Landscape Treatments

Right before the cold weather sets in, it’s a good idea to clear the lawn of all leaves, followed by scattering a winter-specific fertilizer across the lawn. During the fall, it’s important to keep the lawn somewhat moist, especially if it doesn’t rain very much. In doing this, homeowners can prevent snow mold once the snow starts to fall.

Tip 3) Take Care of Plants

Part of effective outdoor living area winter treatments includes pruning any perennials and, if preferred, planting a few bulbs that will bloom in the spring. Any newly planted bulbs need to have a fresh layer of mulch placed over them as this will ensure they don’t endure frost during the coldest parts of a Colorado winter. For any delicate bulbs, these will need to be dug up and placed in a cool, dry place during the winter.

For more Colorado winter landscape treatments, contact the Sunflower Landscape boys today. With their assistance, all homeowners can have an effective winter treatment plan created for their outdoor living spaces.