Summer Barbecues – How to Decorate Your Outdoor Living Area for Parties

Outdoor parties, barbecues and summer go together perfectly. When having guests over, decorating your landscape for parties is a welcoming way to invite them into your outdoor living space. With a few custom summer landscaping pieces, some decorations purchased for the occasion and items already on hand, it’s easy to create landscape designs and summer barbecues that will build memories for years to come.

Decorating Your Landscape for Parties

Decorating for outdoor parties does not have to be as involved or formal as for indoor events, but it can be just as fun and perhaps even more creative. Outdoor conditions can change at any time. Hosts can be prepared for a breeze by using small pails filled with landscape stones or flowers to anchor table cloths. Simply suspend the little buckets with a thin ribbon and hang them from each corner of the table using a clothespin or small clip. Hide outdoor speakers around landscape structures such as water features or built-in decks.

Simple Ideas for Landscape Designs and Summer Barbecues

Keep guests comfortable with built-in seating that’s already part of your landscape design or with movable patio furniture and picnic tables. If the party will fall during or after dusk, add landscape lighting such as eco-friendly solar lights. For a retro feel, use old pop bottles to hold freshly cut flowers as centerpieces on each table. Use hand-painted garden pots to hold utensils and pre-packaged snacks. An old teapot works perfectly as a vase. A red, white and blue windsock hung from the custom built pergola or gazebo adds a patriotic flair. Hang bunting or flags to add a rustic and Americana touch to the barbeque.

How Custom Summer Landscaping Pieces Make Themed Decorating Easy

Custom landscaping pieces such as a pergola or gazebo make it easy to decorate for themed summer parties. These are easier to decorate than pop-up tents or a plain, concrete patio. Have a fiesta theme replete with a hung piƱata. A string of lights wrapped around each beam of wood add ambiance for the evening hours. The lights can easily be reused for other parties and purposes throughout the year. Use some clean, oversized planters filled with ice to keep drinks cool. Hang red, white and green streamers or banners from the landscape structure. They will blow in the breeze and add to the festivities.