Stone Pathways

When designing your landscape for pathways to yards, play areas, entrances into the home, etc., plan them all at the same time. You may not be able to afford to do them all at the same time, but you will want to get an idea of what is needed to make your property beautifulPlanning them all at the same time will make sure that they all connect well together in design and materials used. This will keep the landscape design of your home in sync and matching for better artistic flow.

Homeowners may notice worn down areas leading up to their home or around patio areas out back. These are perfect areas to place staggered stone design walking paths to preserve the grass. Custom walkways leading up to the home is usually the first place people want to make look nice. First impression appearance always leaves a certain tone to the home depending on that initial glance. What’s interesting is you can create that specific tone you want by the custom design you use on your home. For instance, stone walkways do not have to be done in the exact same size stones. Stones that match the home will enhance the beauty of the home but the stones can be laid in different sizes and at different angles with grass between each stone. This provides texture and character to your home.

For a romantic mood-setting landscape, ground covers can be placed between custom pathways. Whether the design is made of stone steps, flat laying stones or even wood, creeping thyme or moss will create a romantic mood for that special walk in the evening or daylight. For a more formal landscape setting and lawn divider, the diamond pattern custom walkways are a favorite for many families. They can be made wider with larger stones or smaller, depending on the area that the walkway will need to cover. Again, all these custom decisions will give your home a unique tone that shadows your own person style.

A stepping stone design for going out to the garage, garden or side yard is perfect when surrounded with gravel. The gravel used can be of the same color of grays or yellow and oranges to match the stepping-stone that is used. Play areas may need more than just straight walkways to get from one area to another. Custom pathways through a play area can be designed to form a geometric pattern that lays flat on the ground. Solid concrete paths can take the children up to the gym, swings or sandbox while creating an allusion of a pattern. This same concept can be used with the same effect in other landscape areas of your yard as well.

To add a modern lookcustom walkways made of wood can be done in levels to lead away from the house into a secluded private area for enjoying nature or sitting and reading in peace and quiet. As the terrain of the land changes, wood pathways can take on the physical character of its surrounding and add beauty to any yard. No matter the style you are wanting for your walkway or pathway, these ideas can help you pinpoint your exact design and have it be customized to your standardsSunflower Landscapes can do just that plus so much more! Their pathways and walkways are well known in the Colorado Springs area, so don’t hesitate to speak to them about your custom design. Call today!