Sod, Rock and Mulch Embellishments

When landscaping a property, the low-maintenance ease of sod, rock and mulch cannot be underestimated. Not only do these options add visual interest and keep weeds at bay, they also can assist with drainage. Outdoor living experts often use these materials in landscape design to reap all of these benefits and more.

Applications for Sod

While Scandinavians have used turf grass for roofing, landscapers in the United States use it to repair dead grass or encourage grass to grow. If there are bald patches in a lawn, sod will bring in vibrant color and keep soil erosion at bay. There are also certain strains of grass, from emerald green to a dark blue hue, that only grow this way and will not grow from seeds. Depending on the planned landscape design and color scheme, turf grass may be a necessity.

Rocks as Embellishments

Gravel has long been used to assist with drainage issues, but the visual appeal and low maintenance of rocks cannot be underestimated. From massive sandstone slabs serving as all-weather seating to crushed quartz adding sparkle to a walkway, stones can add both beauty and functionality to any outdoor area. Pathway stones, benches and gorgeous displays can all improve the final result of careful landscape design. Stones can also be poured beneath plantings to keep weeds at a minimum and protect delicate roots from heavy machinery such as tractors.

Uses for Mulch

For those who live in areas prone to weeds, mulch may be just the solution needed. The wood chips can be bought in nearly any color of the rainbow and used to compliment or contrast surrounding plantings. This can create a beautiful display. Optical illusions can also be created by making an area appear larger or smaller using color. Additionally, wood chips help add fertility to soil and help it to retain moisture. This can be a great boon in drier climates or those that experience a lot of sunlight.

For those who are enthusiastic about outdoor living, these materials offer a lot of value for a relatively minor cost. When designing an outdoor area, stones, wood chips and turf grass should not be overlooked.

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