What Questions to Ask When Hiring a Landscaper

Many homeowners want to have custom landscaping done around their homes so that their homes look their best. Hiring a landscaper is crucial to ensuring that the work is done efficiently and correctly. An interview should be conducted with each prospective custom landscaping company to gauge how well they can perform the assigned tasks. Here are some great questions for landscapers to keep in mind.

Start with the Basics

It is important to start the process of hiring a landscaping company by putting together a list of requirements for the project. This helps to determine deadlines and materials needed. Next, move on to the time frame questions related to the project. For example, “How quickly can you complete my custom landscaping project?” This is important because many people have events that they are hosting so they often have deadlines that need to be met.

The next question is to ask about the fee for labor and materials. There should be a budget set up in advance so that overages can be avoided as much as possible. Landscapers should be asked: How much do you charge for your services? What days and hours do you work? What forms of payment do you accept? Asking secondary questions is also important in order to receive details about the contract you may sign with them. Some great follow-up questions include: What payment structure do you use and when do you accept payments?

Move on To Design Related Questions

The design of the landscaping is very important, so questions related to design aesthetic should be asked. Some great questions you should consider are: Can I see some examples of your previous work with clients? What is your approach to design? Do you produce plans before starting to tackle a job? This helps individuals get a sense of the person that they will be working with and the creativity that they have for what they do. It also provides you with a scope of how well they can implement your landscape design ideas and if they are even capable of doing exactly what you want done to your yard.

Ask About Others Who Will Be Involved in the Project

It is important for people to know how many workers will be on their property for logistical and safety reasons. Some questions to ask in regards to this include: How many people work with you? Are you insured to do landscaping work? How many years of experience do you have? Knowing who is going to be on your property when and why is good to know for just peace of minds sake. Plus, you need to be able to trust the custom landscape design company you hire and everyone who works with them or the project could fail.

Finish Strong

The interview should take about a half hour or so. People should finish strong by asking for references and following up at a later date if they have any more questions. The questions for landscapers should be written down alongside their responses to make an accurate side by side comparison, just like a job interview process. Another great concept would be to visit the landscaper’s website and do a little digging and researching on them. Comparing them to their competitors via web is most likely going to be your deciding factor. To make it easier on you and your family, visit Sunflower Landscape’s website at www.sunflower-landscapes.com to check out their past work in their portfolio, and sign up for a free consultation with them! Make the interview easy on you, call the guys at Sunflower Landscapes today!