Professional Tips to Maintaining Your Landscape Design

A homeowner recently hired Dustin and Sheldon from Sunflower Landscapes to design their landscape, and they can’t believe how beautiful it looks. But even as they enjoy their new patio and look around at the plantings and hardscaping, they wonder how to keep all of this looking its best through the years. Fortunately, a few landscape design maintenance tips can help with maintaining a landscape design for years to come.

Know the Landscaping Tools

Sometimes, it seems that it all comes down to the right tools. Some of the most important professional landscaper tips involve keeping those tools in good working order. Lawn mower blades, for example, should be balanced and sharpened at the beginning of the growing season. It’s also a good idea to know the purpose of each tool. A spading shovel with a round point is good for digging large holes, for example. On the other hand, a spade is good for removing sod and digging holes that need precise edges.

Weed Early and Often

One of the best tips for maintaining a landscape design is to keep the weeds out of the plantings. Many weeds are not only unsightly, but they also pull vital nutrients away from the plants the owner wants to be there.

The easiest way to prevent weeds from taking over is to make sure that the gardens are healthy. Plants with strong root systems and leaves will prevent weeds from colonizing and will shade them out if they do start to sprout. Mulch also discourages weeds. Newspaper or landscape fabric beneath the mulch will discourage them even more.

Water Feature Maintenance

A fountain will lose water to evaporation, so the homeowner should check to make sure that there’s enough for a strong spray. The reservoir should also be checked regularly to see how often it needs to be refilled. Other professional landscaper tips include removing algae from around fountains and pools with a bristle brush and emptying reservoirs before they freeze.

Fix the Walkways

The freeze-thaw cycle as well as deicing salt and tree roots can make concrete, brick and flagstone walkways heave. Landscape design maintenance tips in this case call for wedging a wrecking bar under the section that’s settled. Force a 2 x 4 beam beneath it then overfill it with sand, soil and cement to allow the piece to settle. Another tip is for the homeowner to find out what caused the heaving in the first place and fix it if possible.

If you still have specific questions you would like to ask the Colorado Springs professional landscape experts here at Sunflower Landscapes, Dustin and Sheldon, feel free to give them a call anytime! They still over free consultations and are available to book appointments to come inspect your current landscape design. Call us today!