Patio Shade Structures

The availability of decent shade for a patio is necessary on hot summer or spring days. The shade structures used for an outdoor living area will vary based on various patio designs. Friends and family are able to use a variety of outdoor living areas when patio shade structures are in use. Review the options available if your backyard entertainment areas are lacking proper shade.


Pergolas are shade structures that are built from wood and provide a decent amount of shade for patios in direct sunlight. This is a partial shade solution for any home and is custom built. A pergola may be a freestanding structure or be attached to the side of a home. They are a great option to provide shade to a patio and enhance the landscape design style of a house. The top of the pergola can be left open or have fabric added to fully block out the sun.


A gazebo is a free standing structure made out of varies types of wood that matches your house’s other landscape design structures like pine, oak, redwood, cedar or others. They can be shaped octagonal or turret-shaped and are perfect for keeping parties and relaxation time shaded in your backyard. The open sides still provide you with a content amount of exposure to the weather but the roof keeps the UV rays off you. Gazebos are great for spring or summer backyard parties or a get together.

Other Outdoor Enclosures

Some outdoor shading structures are just simply made of metal rods and fabric or plastic materials, like retractable awnings and screen houses. Although these do still provide shade and protection from the sun, they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing to the eye when you are looking at someone’s custom landscape design. If you are going for a beautiful look when it comes to your outdoor living shading structure to match the rest of your custom designed landscaping, we suggest going with a wood and stone structure. Just like pergolas and gazebos, a custom build patio shade structure can be a one-of-a-kind piece that brings your whole backyard together. When hiring a custom landscaping company, be sure to ask what custom features and ideas they can come up with for your shading structure needs.

 Additional Information

The use of a screen to enclose a patio is another option to use for shade. The benefit of a screen used as shade is an elimination of bugs that can be an annoyance at night. Although still not as open and free as a pergola or gazebo, a screen or vinyl awning may be just what you need. Contact a professional landscaping company like Sunflower Landscapes today to discuss any outdoor patio shading structure ideas you may have for your home! Call 719-661-5049 or visit them at www.sunflower-landscapes.com.