Patio Designs

Landscaping designs can be accented and enhanced by the use of various types of poured cement or landscape concrete. It can be used for stepping stones and ornamentation as well as in patio designsCustom patios can be made from cast cement that is either poured and polished or even stamped. Have you seen beautiful acid stained highly polished patio surfaces? This durable cement material is much more resilient than the more expensive stones that it resembles. Colors can be added before polishing and sealing for the effect that is as beautiful as marble or other natural stones. A custom patio made from colored and polished types of concrete will enhance your outdoor living experience. It is easy to maintain and durable for all of your entertaining. Choose your color to reflect or complement your patio furniture and layout.

Highly polished concrete areas are outstanding features in your patio design. Other surfaces in the landscaping need to have texture to prevent sliding and to also provide a contrast of textures with foliage and grass. This texture can be added with tools or with stones or sand or shells embedded into the mix before it has hardened. Texture items can be mixed throughout or they can be layered onto the top of the finished product. Polished and colored glass is beautiful as accents in the surfaces. Your custom patio design should reflect your taste and interests.

When you are thinking about having new landscaping designs put into your back or front yard, consider using stamped and stained concrete for your patio. Your installer, like the professionals at Sunflower Landscapes, can imprint patterns that resemble individually laid stone or brick into freshly poured cement, a very high-end detail. The cost has the potential of being more economical with the use of craftsmen that have the skill to color and form your material in this way. Contractors may also use individual stones, not just concrete, that they elegantly place together in a pattern to create the custom patio design you are looking for. Your outdoor living room is your patio and a custom patio will enhance your landscaping and entertaining venue.

For a high shine on patios and counters, an epoxy treatment protects and seals the surface of poured floors and counter tops. Stamped landscape concrete is generally excellent in wear resistance. It is more durable than stone and brick for use in your outdoor needs. It is one of the architectural types of concrete and has been mixed precisely for this application to increase its durability. The wear and tear on the materials in your landscaping designs is best managed by this type of concrete. It gives great dimension to the stamped details. Intricate patterns such as brushing or curved lines can also be added to your patio to give more depth to the design as well as texture.

Man-made landscape stones can be textured or high shine and can have color impregnated throughout the mix. This makes the color long lasting and true. Incorporate all the various characteristics of this stone like material to add durable color and texture to your outdoor living experienceCustom design landscapers like the guys at Sunflower Landscapes can pretty much provide any of the patio design ideas above, and so much more. Their knowledge and expertise with patios stands way above the rest, so contact them today for a free initial consultation to discuss your landscape patio ideas.