Outdoor Water Features for Landscaping

Water features like waterfalls, fountains, and ponds add vitality to a backyard. When hiring a landscaping company, look for one that specializes in backyard water features and see if their previous work is something you are looking for. A custom landscaping company like Sunflower Landscapes will help you design water features to suit your tastes and backyard. Outdoor water features are a great addition to any landscape because they bring tranquility and beauty to your outdoor living space.

When you add any type of water feature like a waterfall, fountain, pond, brook, or solar powered spa, be sure to look for a one that fits your personal lifestyle and outdoor needs. A well designed fountain adds excitement to a outdoor living area. If you entertain outside, designing a water feature as part of your outdoor patio brings the party to life.

A pond can be a great addition to your outdoor living design too. You must remember the areas for a pond should be level and easy to maintain, so evaluate your backyard space before considering one. Stone pathways around the pond, plants, flowers, and trees add to the beauty. Determining the best size and shape of your pond is important step to any redesign. For example, ponds are usually more suited for large yards than small. Often you can add fish and plants to the pond for ecological reasons and an added artistic touch of nature.

Waterfall features fit well in the backyard or patio where you entertain and eat. They are easy to install into smaller spaces but also can be part of a large backyard with a pool and pond. Every style differentiates from client to client, which is why custom water feature landscaping is the best way to go. Waterfalls have many styles that include materials like stone, metal, steel, rubber, or copper materials. The waterfall can be built using a variety of stones of different sizes as well, which brings great texture and depth to your yard. With such a water feature, homeowners must know that they use a pump and filtration system to keep the waterfall running smoothly. This, of course, must be taken into consideration due to the fact more water and energy is being used. But waterfalls add a unique accent to your outdoor living design, so they are definitely worth it.

Continually, water fountains can add a bright spot in the landscape. They can differ and be large to small depending on your space. The idea of hearing the sound of running water when eating on the patio can be relaxing. What’s neat is there are wall fountains that can be built into a wall as part of your outdoor entertainment space. Most are vertical with a water pool at the base in different styles and textures, but your own unique style can vary. Fountains are made of many materials like cast stone, fiberglass, resin and concrete so landscapers typically enjoy contracting these pieces because it’s more of an architectural task.

Water elements make landscaping your backyard an adventure. When planning your backyard water features look for a custom landscaping company who knows water features best. If you haven’t seen Sunflower Landscapes past water feature projects, you are missing out!