Outdoor Kitchens and Party Spaces

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes warm weather that’s perfect for outdoor dining and entertaining. With a little help from Colorado custom landscape designers, any yard or patio can be turned into an outdoor party space that families, friends and neighbors will love to spend time in.

Get Cooking

No outdoor kitchen is complete without a grill. Consider what foods will be cooked most often and how many people will be served throughout the season to choose a model with the proper capacity and features. An outdoor refrigerator is also a must to keep drinks cold and snack foods fresh.

Set the Table (and Chairs)

When planning an outdoor seating area, it’s important to consider both how many people will be visiting during the summer and the desired mood to be conveyed. A few large, long tables let people eat “family style.” Multiple bistro tables placed around the patio create a more intimate outdoor dining experience. Choose from modern glass-topped pieces or go with log furniture for a rustic, woodland look.

Make it Grow

Surrounding a dining and entertainment space with shrubs and flowers makes it that much more inviting. A lush outdoor area invites visitors to relax and enjoy the scenery. Another fun option is to create a functional garden for the outdoor kitchen. Go beyond decorative foliage and choose plants with edible yields such as herbs, leafy greens and tomatoes.

Brighten it Up

Lighting is essential for any outdoor party space. Candles provide subdued, intimate lighting for quiet gatherings and look especially beautiful when paired with recessed wall sconces. For a look with a bit more spunk, try stringing novelty lights around trees and posts. A central fire pit adds warmth to any style.

Set the Mood

Music balances lighting to make outdoor parties more enjoyable. Take advantage of modern technology and set up a dock for iPods and other media players to cycle through a playlist that’s appropriate for each party theme. Those who do a lot of entertaining may consider installing outdoor speakers in strategic areas for a “surround sound” effect.

Homeowners who are ready to put together the outdoor area of their dreams can give the Sunflower Boys a call. These experienced Colorado custom landscape designers make visions for beautiful springtime party spaces and outdoor eating areas a reality with quality landscaping services that improve the look and value of any home.