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3 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Weekend

It’s kind of overwhelming, isn’t it? You hear how curb appeal improves the look of your home to your visitors and your neighbors, but it isn’t always easy knowing what improvements you should make first. You know there’s something youREAD MORE

How To Freshen Up Your Outdoor Style

Your outdoor area is the ultimate extension of your home. And when you’ve got a great place to sit and enjoy the fresh air, you want it to look nice. You wouldn’t mind if it looked gorgeous.  With the right essentials,READ MORE

Sweet, Savory, and Salty Treats For Your Summer Holiday Celebration

Ready for your long holiday weekend? We can hear you celebrating already. Whether you’re hosting a big party with everyone you know or having a small gathering with a few good people, you’ll want to have some food and drinksREAD MORE

The Beginner’s Guide to Landscape Design

A gorgeous landscape around your home is surely a sight to see. It’s your refuge – a retreat from the stress in your life, a haven for your family, and a meeting place for your friends. But is it easyREAD MORE

3 Summer Flowers That’ll Bloom Beautifully Into Fall

Summer’s still in full swing. The weather’s warm, the days are long, and you wouldn’t mind hanging out with some good people on a day like today. Truthfully? You’re feeling a little bit lazy this season. That’s not a badREAD MORE

4 Helpful Hostess Tips For Your (Big or Small) Backyard Bash

It doesn’t matter who’s coming over or what you’re having for dinner. Getting ready for a backyard get-together doesn’t have to make you crazy. In fact, in can be kind of fun. Ready to relax and hang out with some greatREAD MORE

What’s Your Backyard Style? How To Create Your Perfect Outdoor Haven

When it comes to your home, you’ve got a style all your own. Shouldn’t your outdoor space reflect that? We sure think so! All of us lean toward different styles in our living spaces. Your outdoor area is no exception.READ MORE

Love Your Backyard – 3 Tips That Will Put You Head Over Heels For Your Outdoor Sanctuary

You want an outdoor space that works for your home. You also want something that’s beautiful. Can you create a place that has both qualities? Absolutely. An outdoor area that’s useful and well-designed can give you years of enjoyment. ButREAD MORE

What To Do This Winter If You Want A Gorgeous Landscape This Spring

Admit it – you’re already dreaming about spring. The warm sun on your face. The fresh air greeting you at the door. The gorgeous greenery that takes your breath away. It sounds nice, doesn’t it? But when you’re bundled upREAD MORE

Transform Your Backyard into a Welcoming Oasis

Imagine: Backyard gatherings, walks among the flowers and nights on the deck. Alongside friends and family members, everyone feels the warm sun on their faces and drinks fresh lemonade from ice-cold glasses. The stunning outdoor nights leave every guest happyREAD MORE

Colorado Residential Landscaping – Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Most people have heard various expressions that describe the tremendous impact of a first impression. The same concept applies to houses. Every visitor and even passersby of a house quickly forms an opinion based on the home’s exterior. Based onREAD MORE

What Colorado Springs Landscapers Suggest To Plant for the Summer and Fall Seasons

Colorado Springs is gorgeous. With nice warm days filling the majority of the year, everyone is out and about in their backyards soaking up the sun. Family and friends are here to enjoy the nice weather and beautiful scenery. ThatREAD MORE

Colorado Soil and Landscaping: What You Need to Know

Colorado has a rich and colorful geography, as most of the Southern Rocky Mountains are located within the state. In addition, the western edge of the Great Plains and the northeastern portion of the Colorado plateau are also in theREAD MORE

What to Expect During Your Comprehensive Site Analysis and Initial Free Consultation with Us!

A lot of homeowners are looking for a way to improve the curb appeal of their home or create a backyard oasis. Trying to design your own landscaping, however, often leads to disastrous results. The solution to this is toREAD MORE

Summer Barbecues – How to Decorate Your Outdoor Living Area for Parties

Outdoor parties, barbecues and summer go together perfectly. When having guests over, decorating your landscape for parties is a welcoming way to invite them into your outdoor living space. With a few custom summer landscaping pieces, some decorations purchased forREAD MORE

The Key to Sustainable Landscaping

As the word suggests, sustainable landscaping should be easy to sustain or maintain, compliment the environment by including plants native to the region, incorporate renewable materials and if possible, improve the health and energy usage in the surrounding area. ExpertsREAD MORE

Professional Tips to Maintaining Your Landscape Design

A homeowner recently hired Dustin and Sheldon from Sunflower Landscapes to design their landscape, and they can’t believe how beautiful it looks. But even as they enjoy their new patio and look around at the plantings and hardscaping, they wonderREAD MORE

Colorado Weather is Warming Up! Landscape Season is Upon Us!

It’s finally great to know that winter is officially over. This past season was particularly brutal, and it featured cold temperatures, tons of snow and plenty of grumpiness from local residents. Fortunately, that’s all in the past. Now that springREAD MORE

Sticking to Your Landscape Budget – Tips from the Professionals

Landscaping a home or a business can be an exhilarating experience. However, budgetting a landscape design can be tricky. Here are some tips to consider when looking to keep a landscape project within budget. 1. Have an Idea One ofREAD MORE

What Can Hardscaping Do for Your Landscape?

Landscaping with hardscape can be a great way to beautify your residential property and save a lot of money on your landscaping maintenance. According to many hardscaping designers, these features can add value to your property and increase the numberREAD MORE

Creating Boundaries and Design Sections to Your Landscape

Landscaping provides numerous benefits to one’s yard and the lives of those living with it. Not only does it enhance the appearance and value of the home, it also makes entertaining much easier. Utilizing landscape design sections keeps the processREAD MORE

Go From Plain to Creative with Outdoor Landscape Designing

Many Colorado homeowners look out their windows and sigh at the sight of a plain, boring yard. Custom landscape designers can alleviate such eyesores by working with homeowners to achieve the landscaping of their dreams. The customers of Sunflower LandscapesREAD MORE

Why the Sunflower Boys Give Free Consultations

Creating Unique Outdoor Spaces The Sunflower Boys of Colorado Springs, Colorado, are experts in the art of creating unique landscapes for private residences and commercial properties throughout the area using an assortment of elements. Dustin Hamilton and Sheldon Funk grewREAD MORE

Outdoor Kitchens and Party Spaces

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes warm weather that’s perfect for outdoor dining and entertaining. With a little help from Colorado custom landscape designers, any yard or patio can be turned into an outdoor party spaceREAD MORE

What It Means To Be A Belgard Authorized Contractor

Belgard is a premium provider of hardscapes, producing such items as pavers, retaining walls plus other elements and finishing touches. This manufacturer helps ensure that homes and businesses have a beautiful and functional landscape with the help of a localREAD MORE

Start Planning Your Spring 2014 Landscape Projects Now

Every homeowner knows that landscaping is an integral part of a home’s appearance and overall value. Curb appeal is a prime selling feature of homes that may go on the market. Likewise, a home’s landscape is the first sight othersREAD MORE

Understanding Winter Treatments for Outdoor Living Areas

The winters in Colorado can get quite cold. From temperatures dropping well below zero to snow accumulating up to a foot or more, it’s always a good idea to winterize a home, including any outdoor living areas. Since no twoREAD MORE

Don’t Get Winter Landscaping Blues: Plan Ahead

Once the first days of cold weather hit, homeowners normally dismiss any thoughts of winter landscape planning until spring returns. However, winter is the best time to start planning any sort of landscape remodel. Professional landscape designers like the expertsREAD MORE

Decorating Your Custom Landscape Design for the Holidays

Sunflower Landscapes‘ custom landscape designs are versatile, which makes them very easy to decorate for the holiday season. When it comes to having an existing custom landscape design, holiday decoration themes exist for virtually every landscape layout. Add Flair toREAD MORE

Winter Watering

When the lawn, trees, shrubs and decorative plants turn brown during the winter months, the drab appearance of a landscape can cause a homeowner to lose motivation when it comes to watering and upkeep. However, watering your landscape during theREAD MORE

Landscape Lighting

The use of lighting outdoors is significantly different from its use indoors. Indoor lights tend to be bright and abundant, with all areas of a room well-lit for both aesthetic and safety purposes. With outdoor lighting, less is definitely more.READ MORE

Sod, Rock and Mulch Embellishments

When landscaping a property, the low-maintenance ease of sod, rock and mulch cannot be underestimated. Not only do these options add visual interest and keep weeds at bay, they also can assist with drainage. Outdoor living experts often use theseREAD MORE

Create a Multi-Level Patio for a Beautiful Living Space

When designing an outdoor living area, a multi-level patio is a versatile consideration. These adaptable spaces open up a variety of possibilities when it comes to design and function. There are many ways to get creative with this unique exteriorREAD MORE

Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, ALCC

As a professional landscape contractor engaged in best practices in the industry, Sunflower Landscapes has membership in the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado. The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado has been a trade organization for over 50 years and hasREAD MORE

Low Maintenance Landscape Designs

One of the major lifestyle trends of modern times is low-maintenance landscape designs. Today’s homeowners don’t want to spend the majority of their weekends babying an emerald green expanse of lawn they’re afraid to even play touch football on, andREAD MORE

Celebrate Desert Beauty with Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is one of the many forms of custom landscape designs. Specifically, it helps home and business owners integrate the beauty of the desert into their landscape while also conserving water and protecting the environment. Xeriscaping redesigns an area thatREAD MORE

Backyard Retreats

With all of the busyness in our rushed, modern lifestyle, a backyard retreat can be a soothing place to recover. The styles, choices and moods that can be created in an outdoor living environment are nearly endless. Families with smallREAD MORE

Staying Within a Landscaping Budget

Many homeowners want to add beauty and value to their homes with custom landscape designs. These days, almost everyone has a budget of which they need to be mindful. A great choice is Sunflower Landscapes, the experienced landscape contractor thatREAD MORE

Attention to Detail: Landscaping Style

Many homeowners and their families are choosing to spend a substantial amount of their leisure time enjoying their own backyards these days, a significant demand exists for custom landscaping. Because outdoor amenities are meant to be used by active familiesREAD MORE

Getting a Natural Looking Landscape

An increasing number of homeowners are spending time in their own outdoor environments these days rather than going to local parks and wilderness areas for fresh-air recreation. Because of this trend, it’s become essential for landscape designers to become adeptREAD MORE

Landscape Retaining Walls: Functional, Valuable, and Beautiful

The calendar may be indicating that July has arrived, but plenty of time is left in the season to get started on those outdoor projects that can beautify and add value to a home. Before beginning any summer landscaping project,READ MORE

Summer Landscaping

The best feeling during Colorado summers is when the sun finally goes down behind the mountains and the heat lifts away, bringing in the cool night air behind it. Around dusk you can finally sit outside and relax without burningREAD MORE

Outdoor Built-In Patio Grills

Summer time is officially here, and you know what that means? It’s time for fun in the sun outdoor entertainment! For most, this means grilling out on your back patio with friends and family. There are several types of grillsREAD MORE

How Custom Landscapers Draft Up Their Designs

Customizing a landscape can be very difficult and intricate work. If a landscaper is good at what he does, he will take the extra time and effort to properly plan out a custom landscape design for his clients. Paying attentionREAD MORE

What Questions to Ask When Hiring a Landscaper

Many homeowners want to have custom landscaping done around their homes so that their homes look their best. Hiring a landscaper is crucial to ensuring that the work is done efficiently and correctly. An interview should be conducted with eachREAD MORE

Patio Designs

Landscaping designs can be accented and enhanced by the use of various types of poured cement or landscape concrete. It can be used for stepping stones and ornamentation as well as in patio designs. Custom patios can be made from cast cement that isREAD MORE

Does Custom Landscaping Really Increase Your Home’s Value?

When buying or selling a home, many people wonder what they can do to increase the value of their home. Believe it or not, one of the most popular methods of increasing the value of your home can start rightREAD MORE

About Colorado Springs Mandatory Water Restrictions Effective April 1, 2013

Colorado Springs and Colorado in general have been hit hard by drought these past few years. Water supplies have fallen far below normal and are currently less than 50%. For that reason, the Colorado Springs City Council approved moving to theREAD MORE

A Look at Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Springtime is here and with the warmer weather most people will be eating, visiting, and generally doing more activities outdoors. Outdoor entertainment areas become important extensions of the home during these months. These spaces can be simple or elaborate, smallREAD MORE

Stone Pathways

When designing your landscape for pathways to yards, play areas, entrances into the home, etc., plan them all at the same time. You may not be able to afford to do them all at the same time, but you will want toREAD MORE

Outdoor Water Features for Landscaping

Water features like waterfalls, fountains, and ponds add vitality to a backyard. When hiring a landscaping company, look for one that specializes in backyard water features and see if their previous work is something you are looking for. A customREAD MORE

Proper Steps for Brainstorming and Planning Your Landscape Redesign

The key to successful landscape planning is to do some heavy thinking about what you want to accomplish with the redesign of your current landscape. Do your own survey of the current landscape and list the things you feel are needed to achieve yourREAD MORE

Patio Shade Structures

The availability of decent shade for a patio is necessary on hot summer or spring days. The shade structures used for an outdoor living area will vary based on various patio designs. Friends and family are able to use aREAD MORE

Fireplace Design

When it comes to outdoor patio decor nothing sets the mood better than outdoor fireplaces. Outdoor fireplaces add a touch of class and sophistication to almost any setting. There are a variety of finishes and veneers that homeowners can chooseREAD MORE

Designing a Landscape for the Updated 2013 Water Restrictions

Starting April 1st through October 31st, Colorado Springs will be under strict water restrictions in the hopes of rebuilding its water supply. The 2013 water restrictions only allow watering 2 days a week for no more than 3 hours betweenREAD MORE

What is Outdoor Living?

What is outdoor living? It involves enjoying the outside design of your home as much as you enjoy the inside. Outdoor Living requires a variation of one of the most familiar and comfortable areas of your indoor living space – theREAD MORE

Enter to Win a $9,000 Outdoor Living Makeover from Belgard Hardscapes and Better Homes and Gardens!

Belgard Hardscapes and Better Homes and Gardens are teaming up to give you the 2013 Outdoor Living Makeover Sweepstakes! (Graphic and contest information source from: http://belgardhardscapes.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/enter-to-win-a-9000-outdoor-living-makeover/) This month we’re bringing you an extra special outdoor entertaining tip of the month whereREAD MORE

5 Other FAQ’s

Finally, the last third of our FAQ section will hopefully provide all the answers to those lingering questions. 11.  How often should I water? Water restrictions do apply in certain parts of each county. It is important to keep anyREAD MORE

5 More FAQ’s

In continuance to our first 5 FAQ’s, we have come up with another 5 more FAQ’s to help lead you in the right direction. 6. How can my landscaping help sell my home? Increasing the curb appeal of your homeREAD MORE

2013 HBA Home & Garden Show

This past weekend, we had the privilege to design and produce our own presentation area at the 2013 HBA Home & Garden Show at the Freedom Financial Services Expo Center. We couldn’t be more thankful to get the chance to show off ourREAD MORE

2013 HBA Home and Garden Show

Us guys at Sunflower Landscapes are proud to announce that we will be at the 2013 HBA Home and Garden Show this weekend, March 1-3, at the Freedom Financial Services Expo Center! We have been given the opportunity to have ourREAD MORE

5 FAQ’s

Here at Sunflower Landscapes, we are constantly trying to help our current or future Sunflower Landscapes, clients with any questions they may have about our services or landscaping in general. Below is the beginning of a list of questions and answers weREAD MORE

Outdoor Fireplace Season

It’s Outdoor Fireplace Season! It’s that time of year… warm days… cool nights & a perfect time to sit around an outdoor fire to stay toasting during dinner.