Getting a Natural Looking Landscape

An increasing number of homeowners are spending time in their own outdoor environments these days rather than going to local parks and wilderness areas for fresh-air recreation. Because of this trend, it’s become essential for landscape designers to become adept at creating natural landscapes as opposed to creating outdoor spaces that feature highly artificial ambiances. There may have been a time when formal gardens had their place outside of family residences, but because the average home lot is smaller today than ever before, it’s essential to make the best possible use of every inch of available ground. Natural landscaping designs help both homeowners and landscape professionals create an attractive, fuss-free environment that’s conducive to family fun.

One of the major elements of natural landscapes is the use of native plants. Native plants don’t need to be babied along like other ornamental vegetation because it is already acclimated to the climate and soil conditions of the area in which they are planted. They also save the homeowner on water costs because they tend to only need to be watered during times of drought. Native plants are also non-hybrids that are by nature more durable than their hothouse-bred counterparts. They also provide an environmentally friendly landscaping option because they attract and feed birds and bees that are indigenous to the area. Many states are beginning to mandate by law that a certain percentage of their roadside plantings involve native flowering plants and grasses.

Along with the use of native vegetation in home plantings, natural landscape designs also take into account the needs of the specific family who will be enjoying the yard the most. For instance, active families with young children should keep in mind that their trees, flowers and shrubs should be sturdy enough to withstand the occasional onslaught by a child falling while trying to catch a football or softball. Most native plants meet this particular challenge admirably. When it comes to landscape structures, the quality of the rock used in retaining walls or outdoor fire pits is important. Any wood used for the designs as well should look authentic and not plastic or fake.

No one ever feels quite at home in a yard where the landscaping is too fussy and formal. Sure signs of an uncomfortably fake landscape include overly ornate landscaping items, severe edges and borders and exotic looking vegetation that clearly has to be coddled along in order to thrive. Creating flowing and irregular lines or features is also an important part of incorporating natural landscaping designs the professionals at Sunflower Landscapes are highly skilled in design techniques that create a pristine, uncluttered look as well as in the cultural requirements all types of vegetation and outdoor living structures.