What It Means To Be A Belgard Authorized Contractor

Belgard is a premium provider of hardscapes, producing such items as pavers, retaining walls plus other elements and finishing touches. This manufacturer helps ensure that homes and businesses have a beautiful and functional landscape with the help of a local landscaper.

The Importance of an Authorized Contractor

Sunflower Landscapes is a Belgard Authorized Contractor, allowing us to offer the Belgard line of products. This is an honor because Belgard has a significant reputation within the industry along with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

Since Belgard has achieved name recognition, it allows an authorized contractor like Sunflower Landscapes to tap into an elite partnership. Best in class service and quality are at a contractor’s fingertips and comprehensive technical support is available should a landscaping company have questions about anything that they are working on.

Getting a Premium Hardscape

A larger variety of premium hardscape products can be provided by a landscaper who becomes a Belgard Authorized Contractor. Belgard is America’s premier brand and the products follow many of the industry trends. Professional landscapers are privy to all of the technical developments and understand the benefits of Belgard products.

There are requirements that must be met in order to become an Authorized Contractor for Belgard. These include providing proof of insurance and satisfying installation requirements. A business must also be recommended by either Belgard rep or authorized dealer and have at least one staff member who is ICPI certified. For landscape companies that are involved in retaining walls, at least one person on staff much be certified by NCMA or SRW. A certified applicator course must also be completed.

An authorized contractor for Belgard, such as Sunflower Landscapes, aims to ultimately benefit the customer. Contractors will gain access to many ideas and photographs, allowing them to make more impressive recommendations within a landscape of any size.

When searching for a landscaper, it is important to look for one that is approved through Belgard. There are many landscapers that can provide a hardscape, though not everyone has access to one of the top brands in America along with world-class training.

To experience the quality of a Belgard Authorized Contractor, give the wonderful guys at Sunflower Landscapes a call today! Your initial consultation with them is free!