Low Maintenance Landscape Designs

One of the major lifestyle trends of modern times is low-maintenance landscape designs. Today’s homeowners don’t want to spend the majority of their weekends babying an emerald green expanse of lawn they’re afraid to even play touch football on, and many others are tired of soaring water bills due to fussy ornamental shrubs and herbaceous perennials. However, most people are simply unaware of any other way to create an attractive and livable outdoor space on their property, and that’s why Sunflower Landscapes helps homeowners attain low-maintenance landscaping.

Low-maintenance landscaping means exactly that: It allows homeowners to have aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly outdoor living spaces without becoming slaves to lawn mowers, garden tools, irrigation systems and the whims of fickle landscape plants. Design and planning play a big part in this technique, but one of the main principles behind it is to use plants that thrive on an area’s average rainfall and, therefore, don’t have to be watered constantly throughout the summer months. Native plants are widely used in low-maintenance landscaping designs because they are sure bets to perform in the climate and soil conditions of the given region.

One of the staples of low-maintenance landscape designs is mulch. The judicious use of mulch will keep moisture from evaporating before thirsty plants become hydrated as well as keep plant roots cool on hot days. During the winter months, mulch acts as an insulator and prevents root damage due to freezing temperatures. Weed suppression is another of the benefits of using a good mulch, thus cutting down on the amount of time the homeowner must spend on weed-removal tasks.

Many homeowners who want the green expanse that a traditional lawn offers don’t want the high water bills or hours of maintenance and are opting to have clover lawns planted instead of regular grass. Clover is drought-resistant, durable, attractive and does not need to be mowed as often as regular lawns. It is also resistant to insects as well as pathogens that can easily destroy a standard lawn.

Rock gardens are another staple in low-maintenance landscape designs. The rock itself adds an appealing aesthetic element to the yard and never has to mowed, watered, clipped or sprayed to look its best. Drought-tolerant plants thrive in rock garden conditions and almost never need to be fussed with.

To learn more about this landscaping option that does not sacrifice attractiveness, give us a call today at Sunflower Landscaping!