Landscape Retaining Walls: Functional, Valuable, and Beautiful

The calendar may be indicating that July has arrived, but plenty of time is left in the season to get started on those outdoor projects that can beautify and add value to a home. Before beginning any summer landscaping project, a homeowner needs to consider the particular geography of his or her yard. Slopes, contours and drainage issues needn’t stand in the way of creating beautiful and functional spaces in a yard, and can actually bring an exciting dynamic to summer landscaping.

Undulating terrain can be managed creatively and beautifully with the addition of retaining walls. Most landscape retaining walls are constructed from various shapes and sizes of concrete blocks or stone (either natural or manufactured). A wall constructed of textured, stylish blocks or stone can add immense eye appeal to a yard, as well as create or enclose unique outdoor living spaces. Wooden beams may also be used to create more rustic retaining walls. Many walls incorporate built-in stairs to provide easy access to all levels of a sloping yard.

Landscape retaining walls serve to not only minimize slope, but can also create tiers or unique “areas” in a yard. Using a series of walls, homeowners can have varying levels in their yards to achieve various purposes; for example, a level for flower beds, a level for trees and shrubs, and a level designed as a patio for relaxed, outdoor unwinding. In this way, land that would otherwise be unusable becomes appealing and functional.

The key to using this landscaping tool is to have the right design for the right spot to bring about the desired effect. A homeowner may be seeking to create inviting outdoor living spaces, or may be working to minimize the drainage problems a sloping yard may present. This is where consulting with a professional landscaping company becomes extremely important. Quality landscaping companies will work with the homeowner to design and build functional, value-adding walls. One such company is Sunflower Landscapes, who specializes in challenging terrain. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Sunflower Landscapes understands the needs of homeowners in challenging locations seeking to utilize and beautify their yards. They also offer their clients building materials with natural beauty that will complement a location known for its exceptional beauty. If you see a retaining wall in your landscape designs in your near future, let the Dustin and Sheldon help. Give them a call today!