Landscape Lighting

The use of lighting outdoors is significantly different from its use indoors. Indoor lights tend to be bright and abundant, with all areas of a room well-lit for both aesthetic and safety purposes. With outdoor lighting, less is definitely more.

The goal of landscape lighting is not to create brightly lit surfaces. In fact, neighbors often don’t appreciate an overly lit landscape in the neighborhood. It is essential that any landscape design involving lighting does not contribute to light pollution. Outdoor lighting needs to be unobtrusive to other members of the neighborhood yet still create ambiance and safety.

Landscape lighting can drastically help with developing curb appeal and a sense of welcoming. Every homeowner should consider creating a well-lit path to the entry of their home. Low-voltage lights on the path to the door, the steps, and at the front door increase safety and can help prevent slips and falls. Lighting in a landscape design can also make your home appear welcoming and hospitable to guests.

Lighting a deck or patio is useful for outdoor living purposes. Cookouts and bonfires often occur after dark, and the right lighting can keep the party going long into the night. Rather than low-voltage solar-powered lights mounted close to the ground, patio lighting can include trendier paper lanterns, candles, overhead hanging lights, and even LED panels on a bonfire table or patio hot tub.

Strategic placement of lighting features can also be used to highlight unique architecture such as gazebos, pergolas or a home’s interesting roof lines. Architectural lighting can be built directly into the structure, remaining hidden during daylight and operating on a timer at night. Careful use of lighting can create a dramatic effect with shadows and highlights that add to a home’s curb appeal.

Homeowners can also use outdoor lights and lanterns in gardens. Garden lighting can highlight special features, such as a statue that is meaningful to the homeowner, a birdbath or a plant that has special seasonal appeal. Illuminating gardens can add color and texture to a well-kept garden, allowing the homeowner and neighborhood to enjoy the landscaping long after the sun sets.

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