4 Helpful Hostess Tips For Your (Big or Small) Backyard Bash

It doesn’t matter who’s coming over or what you’re having for dinner.

Getting ready for a backyard get-together doesn’t have to make you crazy. In fact, in can be kind of fun.

Ready to relax and hang out with some great friends?

So are we!

That’s why we’re here to give you some host and hostess tips. No matter how many people are coming over to your house this weekend, this advice will help you plan your outdoor occasion.

Whether you’re going for fancy or casual, here’s how to up your entertainment game.

1. Stick to your favorite easy dishes


You know that feeling when your friends and family are coming to your house, expecting to be stuffed with impressive entrees: appetizers, main courses, and desserts?

This isn’t that kind of gathering.

Summer get-togethers are about eating light and easy foods. They’re more about enjoying the long days, drinking great cold beverages, and sharing some side dishes than they are about showing off your culinary skills.

If you want to do more cooking than this, go ahead! But don’t feel like you really need to. Because you don’t.

Stick to those simple dishes that you can practically make in your sleep, or try whipping up a batch of pasta salad using one of these recipes.  Pasta salads are easy and satisfying – a major plus when you’re feeding a group of people.

pasta salad

2. It’s the little touches that count 


What makes this laid-back summer soiree different from just any old night at home?

Well, it’s not just the people around you – it’s the little touches you put in your atmosphere.

Before you have everyone over, decorate your backyard dining area with something that’s uniquely you. Place a pretty vase in the center of your table and drop in a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Or, create a centerpiece for night time hangouts by simply lighting a couple of hurricane lanterns.

Now, there’s no reason to get out the fine china here. You’re having a backyard hangout with your friends and family – not a major holiday dinner! Leave the formal dining pieces in the cabinets, and go for the colorful plastic plates instead. Opt for cups and bowls that look as if they’re made of glass, but are plastic too.

Want to freshen up your backyard dining table a little more? Make a statement with a cute tablecover. Get it in a bold color or a cool pattern. Go with a vinyl material, or cloth table linen. Honestly, you can’t go wrong. Either one will look impressive to your guests.

table cloth with flowers

3. Make it kid-friendly


Having kids over for this backyard get-together? Add in some kid-friendly entertainment!

If you’ve got a nice pool to lounge around in, why not throw in some colorful pool noodles or an inflatable pool float? There are plenty of cute water toys that will entertain your kids for hours.

You can’t go wrong with smores. Create these tasty treats with graham crackers, chocolate bars, and jumbo marshmallows.

Have a fire pit like the one we build for our clients, below? Forget making smores in the microwave. Melt your marshmallows right here.


4. Linger a little


A host and hostess can become so overwhelmed with the process of making the event memorable for everyone that they forget to have fun themselves. It’s another reason why people don’t have other people over in the first place – it can be exhausting if you want everything to be perfect all the time.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in a specific schedule when you’re hosting an outdoor gathering. Sure, there’s some preparation you’ll need to do for a get-together like this one. There’ll be some food you’ll want to serve, some music you’ll want to listen to, and some wine you’ll want to chill beforehand.

But most of all? You’ll want everyone to enjoy themselves. And you’ll love spending some quality time with the people you care about.

Don’t worry too much about the timing of everything. No one’s stressing over the little things that don’t really matter all that much – and you shouldn’t either.

Does all this have you thinking about a backyard transformation? We can help with that. Here at Sunflower Landscapes, we’re in the business of creating beautiful backyards with gorgeous greenery for homeowners in the Colorado Springs area.

Instead of slaving away in your backyard, why not spend more time with the people you care about while you watch the sunset?

You enjoy your family, and we’ll take care of the landscaping. Go on and request a free consultation with us today.


Second photo source by Didriks