Go From Plain to Creative with Outdoor Landscape Designing

Many Colorado homeowners look out their windows and sigh at the sight of a plain, boring yard. Custom landscape designers can alleviate such eyesores by working with homeowners to achieve the landscaping of their dreams. The customers of Sunflower Landscapes can enjoy a creative outdoor living space that’s affordable, attractive and fun all year long.

How Landscape Designing Works

Landscape design is both art and science. The experienced custom landscape designers at Sunflower Landscapes are highly trained and educated about the requirements of building and designing high-quality landscapes. The team uses principles of design and architecture to create an inviting and functional design that works for each piece of property. Since no two properties are alike, no two landscape designs are alike. From the living elements that a homeowner desires to include to the natural elements such as the elevation of the property, the man-made elements like paths and the forces of nature, everything comes together under the direction of the experienced designers.

The Process of Going from Plain to Creative

The first step in designing the landscape of a Colorado homeowner’s dreams is to address and correct specific problem areas on the property. Common issues such as slopes, hillsides, poor drainage, windy areas, insufficient shade, lack of privacy and too much noise are taken into consideration. Next, any desired hard surfaces are added. This may include retaining walls, patios, walkways and steps. Now it’s time to let the creativity in. Designated areas for activities such as outdoor cooking, socializing, and relaxation are planned. A style such as traditional or English countryside may be selected. Specialized areas such as a butterfly garden may be incorporated into the overall design. Finally, specific plants are selected for each area.

How Custom Landscape Designers Achieve the Yard of One’s Dreams

Many yards start out with just regular grass, a few shrubs, perhaps a tree and maybe a small flower bed. In the design of a creative outdoor living space, Colorado landscaping specialists include a variety of textures, heights and seasons of plants to engage visitors in an ever-changing and always interesting sight. As the springtime lilacs fade, the early summer roses are in bloom, followed perhaps by late-season hostas. Overarching themes such as a specific color or an activity like butterfly watching can be included to achieve the landscape of the homeowner’s dreams.

If you currently live in Colorado and are looking out at your boring backyard landscape wishing it was more eye-catching and eloquent, give Sunflower Landscapes a call today! Dustin and Sheldon enjoy putting smiles on homeowner’s faces after designing their dream landscape. So don’t wait, they’re available for FREE initial consultations today!