Fireplace Design

When it comes to outdoor patio decor nothing sets the mood better than outdoor fireplaces. Outdoor fireplaces add a touch of class and sophistication to almost any setting. There are a variety of finishes and veneers that homeowners can choose from, to give their patio space a customized look.

Many patio furniture centers and outdoor landscaping professionals are able to create simple or elaborate custom fireplaces that are tailored to the needs and style of the homeowner. These custom fireplaces can fit a modern and sleek design with materials such as slate, marble, and granite or they can be more rugged with earth tones and stone motifs. Fireplace landscaping is becoming very popular with interior designers and decorators as home owners are looking to increase the style and value of their indoor fireplaces and their outdoor patio spaces.

Indoor fireplaces are ideal because they provide a beautiful focal point to the space; turning a large living or great room area into a cozy, comfy lounge area. Heating from indoor fireplaces cannot be beat, especially during cold winter nights. Who doesn’t love curling up in front of a fireplace with a blanket and a good book.

Homeowners looking to improve the look of their existing fireplace, would do well to shop around for a reputable interior designer or landscaper that specializes in fireplace design or fireplace landscaping. Whether the fireplace is indoors or outdoors the homeowner wants to be sure that their fireplace design is built according to existing building and city codes. When looking to redesign any space in their home, homeowners want to be sure that they are getting the best value for their budget and that the craftsmanship is topnotch utilizing quality materials. When dealing with fireplaces, homeowners would be prudent to rely on the expertise of a trained professional, and not attempt a DIY project.

Fireplaces are beautiful and add character and depth to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Consult with a designer today and learn how to transform a basic fireplace into a work of art. The fireplace of your dreams is just a phone callaway. www.sunflower-landscapes.com