What to Expect During Your Comprehensive Site Analysis and Initial Free Consultation with Us!

A lot of homeowners are looking for a way to improve the curb appeal of their home or create a backyard oasis. Trying to design your own landscaping, however, often leads to disastrous results. The solution to this is to hire a professional landscaping service such as Sunflower Landscapes.

Because many homeowners don’t understand the scope of what a professional landscaper can do for their property, Sunflower Landscapes offers a FREE landscape design initial consultation. During this free initial consultation, it’s possible for a homeowner to get a complete picture of what could be done with his or her property.

The landscape design initial consultation begins with a site analysis for professional landscaping. This part of the free initial consultation will have Dustin, Sheldon and their other Sunflower Landscapes employees come out to the property and prepare a plan for the areas that are going to be landscaped. A site analysis for professional landscaping will take into account the overall goals that the homeowner has for the property such as a water feature, garden area or a need for shade trees.

As a plan is being developed, the homeowner is consulted frequently. In addition to taking into consideration practical factors such as budget and the amount of maintenance the homeowner is willing to put into the property, the designers will also consider a host of aesthetic factors. The amount of shade on the property can determine large parts of the design.

It’s important to realize that plants are only part of a professional landscaping plan. While large features such as a pond or rock wall can be incorporated, the real key to professional landscaping is in paying attention to details. Time is spent considering how plants will interact with each other. For example, plants that provide shade will be planted next to low lying flowers and shrubs that need to be in partial shade.

Groundcover options including sod, mulch and hardscape can be incorporated into a plan. Existing plants and landscape areas can also be added or replaced, according to the homeowner’s wishes. At the end of the consultation, a homeowner will have a detailed plan of what his or her property will look like once all landscaping work is completed.