Don’t Get Winter Landscaping Blues: Plan Ahead

Once the first days of cold weather hit, homeowners normally dismiss any thoughts of winter landscape planning until spring returns. However, winter is the best time to start planning any sort of landscape remodel. Professional landscape designers like the experts at Sunflower Landscapes can draw a plan of the new design, price materials and labor, and begin the installation of hardscaping so that the yard is ready for planting at the start of the new growing season.

Winter Yards are Blank Canvases Awaiting Design Options

When the leaves are down and border plants are in a state of dormancy, one can see the “bones” of the yard without being distracted by plants that may have grown out of bounds. The absence of deciduous foliage also makes it easier to see where privacy landscaping may be needed, and it amplifies the sounds of traffic, making it easier to determine whether there is the need for a water feature.

Winter is also the perfect time for homeowners to evaluate what function they want their outdoor space to serve. Because people are confined indoors, they can more readily determine what sort of outdoor areas are most needed to extend their living space. Landscape designing in winter also allows individuals to take advantage of the annual clearance sales most manufacturers offer on furnishings for new outdoor spaces.

Winter Soil Preparation is Essential to Healthy Plant Growth

Most winter landscape planning will involve the construction of either raised beds or border gardens. Bringing in the proper mix of soil and compost several months before the onset of planting will raise the nutrient level of the soil by allowing compost to cure. A crop of rye grass or other “green snow” may be planted temporarily to boost the nutritional content of the soil mixture even further.

Landscapers are Available to Work on Design Projects

Landscape designing in winter is a smart idea. Clients who wait until spring often discover that every quality landscape design company in town is booked solid. Homeowners should contact one of the professional landscape designers at Sunflower Landscapes ahead of time, so they can be enjoying their newly renovated yard as soon as the weather turns warm.