Decorating Your Custom Landscape Design for the Holidays

Sunflower Landscapescustom landscape designs are versatile, which makes them very easy to decorate for the holiday season. When it comes to having an existing custom landscape design, holiday decoration themes exist for virtually every landscape layout.

Add Flair to Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can make the perfect backdrop for hanging lights or two-dimensional decorations. Lights can be strung along the wall to create a decorative pattern. Holiday banners and pictures can be spread out on the wall as an easy decorating option for the homeowner who does not have time to plan an elaborate display. For simple elegance, bells, stars and bows can also be placed along retaining walls. Placing quick and easy decorations on a retaining wall can be a low-maintenance way of adding holiday decorating to your landscape.

Create an Inviting Walkway

Homeowners may wish to decorate their custom walkway with holiday lighting or by displaying seasonal plants like poinsettias along the path. If there is room in the areas that lie adjacent to the walkway, creating a decorative holiday display area such as a nativity scene or a small winter wonderland with a snowman can also add cheer to a home’s exterior. Walkways that have the more traditional look of natural stone can be easily incorporated into an outdoor holiday decorating scheme to create a more nostalgic feel.

Warm Up by the Fire

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces present an excellent opportunity to add an element of functionality when choosing holiday decorating for your landscape. With the use of festive pine and fir tree accents, seasonal potted plants and other holiday-themed additions, a fire pit will easily become an inviting area for family and friends to enjoy a warm drink outside by the fire.

The Sky is the Limit

Virtually any custom landscape layout can be transformed into a winter wonderland or festive holiday garden. By strategically placing lights, bells, seasonal plants and any other holiday-themed items the homeowner chooses, a home’s exterior can be transformed into a seasonal display that will delight the entire neighborhood. Friends, family members and even passersby will appreciate the homeowner’s creativity in choosing well-placed holiday decorations, and they will also admire the beautiful Sunflower Landscapes custom landscaping that serves as an appealing canvas for holiday decorating. The options for creating custom landscape design holiday decoration themes are virtually limitless, and every homeowner will be able to find a decorating theme that is perfectly complementary to his or her landscaping and design preferences.