How Custom Landscapers Draft Up Their Designs

Customizing a landscape can be very difficult and intricate work. If a landscaper is good at what he does, he will take the extra time and effort to properly plan out a custom landscape design for his clients. Paying attention to detail and making sure all the client’s wishes are honored are the main focuses of the design process. The rest of the organized planning comes along with it.

A landscaper’s design process includes: writing up all needed materials and costs/budget for the project, devise a blueprint and drawing of the layout wanted by the client, book and order all workers and materials needed for the dates scheduled for the project, and constant communication with the client throughout the custom designing process. These are just the basics or foundation of what a landscaper really does, but there of course is so much more. Sunflower Landscapes takes pride in caring for every client they work for and makes sure their project process is always skewed or altered to meet each individual client’s needs.

Sunflower Landscapes takes the time to get to know their customers and always takes the time to understand the customer’s wants and desires to fulfill their very own landscaped utopia. Drafting landscapes begins with the initial customer consultation. Once the customer is spoken to and their property is analyzed, the staff begins the landscape drafting interim process.

Usually, a customer wants to see what the landscaping company they are hiring has done in the past. A custom outdoor living portfolio speaks for itself. You can define the company’s quality of work and get your own design ideas from what they have produced in the past. Sunflower Landscape’s customer outdoor living expertise will increase the property value of a customer’s property and with a lower budget than you may expect.

A designing process then moves on to developing the customer’s budget plans. Usually, a landscaping company may start with pen and paper or just bring their mobile device with them and draw your “landscaped vision” while they are there. The staff then continues the landscape designing process once they get back to their office. They always consult with each other and advise the client of changes or tweaks they feel need to be made to the original design.

Custom landscaping blue prints are a very important asset in obtaining customers. Custom landscaping blue prints may be performed numerous ways. This will be an actual draft that is returned to numerous times throughout the project and edited frequently until the final touches are submitted for their customer’s approval. Once the clients are satisfied with the design, they will begin the actual dirty work and bring the draft to life.

Planning for custom landscaping can be more convenient than you may realize. Sunflower Landscapes and any potential customer of theirs will see this process unfold and be a part of their designing team if they choose to hire them. Don’t wait for summer to pass by, give Dustin and Sheldon a call today!