Creating Boundaries and Design Sections to Your Landscape

Landscaping provides numerous benefits to one’s yard and the lives of those living with it. Not only does it enhance the appearance and value of the home, it also makes entertaining much easier. Utilizing landscape design sections keeps the process simple and creative. These designs can be easily accomplished with Sunflower Landscapes operating as reliable Colorado landscape professionals.

Benefits of Landscaping

  • Esthetic Benefits: A landscaped yard is much more esthetically pleasing in addition to keeping backyard clutter to a minimum. Once a yard is landscaped, homeowners are less likely to allow the appearance to deteriorate to the point that it begins to look untidy.
  • Environmental Benefits: Certain landscape designs may also help to reduce water runoff from storms, thereby decreasing flooding and controlling erosion. They may also reduce soil degradation and evaporation of necessary moisture in hotter temperatures.
  • Health Benefits: Added foliage to the backyard keeps the air cleaner by filtering pollutants and increasing oxygen. The improved appearance may also reduce the stress one feels when faced with a crowded or cluttered yard.
  • Social Benefits: Landscaping is a beautiful and inviting way to add privacy to open backyards while also providing an attractive background for relaxing or entertaining guests.
  • Economic Benefits: Having a landscaped yard increases the property value of the home. This will prove beneficial when selling the home as the care taken to improve its appearance attracts prospective buyers.


Elements of Landscaping 
Adding landscape design sections not only spruces up the backyard when cleaning up, it also provides the benefit of adding personality. Customers may request or create their own designs featuring a number of landscaping elements. These may include walkways, water features, fireplaces, walls and light fixtures.

Landscape boundaries offer refined organization that allows for improved functionality and flow. Working in the garden or hosting parties in the yard is made simpler with designated sections and walkways. Outdoor landscape design boundaries can be made from areas outlined with rock, stone, grass, mulch or sod.

The Sunflower Boys 
The Colorado landscape professionals at Sunflower Landscapes offer designing to fit the needs of each client, providing unmatched quality and value in every yard. Colorado Springs custom landscape designs from The Sunflower Boys alleviate plain or boring surroundings, providing homeowners with the yards of their dreams.