Create a Multi-Level Patio for a Beautiful Living Space

When designing an outdoor living area, a multi-level patio is a versatile consideration. These adaptable spaces open up a variety of possibilities when it comes to design and function. There are many ways to get creative with this unique exterior living space.

Uses & Styles
Building a patio with two levels offers two separate areas to work with. For example, one level might be dedicated to a pool or hot tub while the other is used as a separate seating area. This way, everyone can enjoy the outdoors whether or not they feel like getting wet.

A multi-level patio is also a great solution for outdoor dining. Placing tables and chairs on the upper level allows diners to look out over the yard as they eat. This leaves the lower level free for a fire pit and a set of lounge chairs to enjoy when the meal is complete.

For those who want an elegant look, a few broad steps or a series of stairs is a lovely design element. Stairs work to create two clearly distinctive spaces by elevating the top level higher off the ground.

Wood is a common material for patios that feature more than one level. It’s easy to work with and often requires the least amount of landscaping to get the desired effect. Stone and brick offer a sturdier finished appearance but may be more complicated to install. Combining materials such as brick and flagstones creates a unique area with a beauty and style all its own. The inclusion of potted plants or natural green spaces and garden areas offsets the man-made look of any material.

Creating a unique outdoor living design benefits both home and yard in a variety of ways. Versatile designs allow for coordination between outdoor spaces and interior home styles, creating a cohesive look. Different shapes can be used for each level as a way to accentuate the natural contours of the yard or simply provide visual appeal. Plus, the inclusion of two levels creates the look and feel of separate “rooms,” a homey touch that both families and visitors can enjoy.

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