Colorado Weather is Warming Up! Landscape Season is Upon Us!

It’s finally great to know that winter is officially over. This past season was particularly brutal, and it featured cold temperatures, tons of snow and plenty of grumpiness from local residents. Fortunately, that’s all in the past. Now that spring and summertime are finally on approach, people can start thinking about activities like landscaping. Colorado landscaping weather is finally here. Now is the time to start planning what to landscape. Here are some things to keep in mind about this fantastic time.

One of the best aspects of landscaping is that it presents the ideal time to dream. There are plenty of things that people can do to the exterior of a home. Perhaps the walkway needs to be enhanced. A great way to handle this is to install new pavers that will highlight the walkway. Another idea is to plant flowers next to the new pavers. This can further enhance the exterior of a home, and it will direct a person to look at the beautiful landscaping that has been created. Bushes and shrubs are always popular in Colorado, and this is the right time to plant something new. After all, the soil is still soft and moist due to the snow-melt and spring rains.

All of these ideas are fine, but many dreams about landscaping fail to become a reality for many reasons. One reason for this is that homeowners are not sure where to begin. Perhaps they want a fountain in the middle of their backyard, but they don’t know how to install it. When people need assistance in Colorado Springs, the employees at Sunflower Landscape are eager to help. After they have been contacted, these professional landscape designers in Colorado are willing to come out and visit a home or business. They are good listeners, and they want to hear the dreams and desires that people envision for their facilities. Not only that, but they are able to offer suggestions and helpful tips for what to do next. Landscaping is their profession, and they will provide the answers that people need to make the exterior of a property look fantastic.

Take advantage of the great Colorado landscaping weather. Be sure to speak with Dustin and Sheldon here at Sunflower Landscapes, your local professional landscape designers in Colorado. Now is the time to get started on landscaping that will last for many years to come. Give us a call today!