What Colorado Springs Landscapers Suggest To Plant for the Summer and Fall Seasons

Colorado Springs is gorgeous. With nice warm days filling the majority of the year, everyone is out and about in their backyards soaking up the sun. Family and friends are here to enjoy the nice weather and beautiful scenery. That means having attractive greenery around the home for all to admire.

When it comes to planting for landscape appeal, there are different ways to make the area surrounding one’s home eye-catching. Landscape planting can be tricky. However, Colorado Springs landscapers can adorn an outside space with plants and flowers that will turn a drab zone around a house into something stunning.

1. Hybrid Tea Roses

Not only are these gorgeous roses tall and magnificent, they also come in a variety of different colors. These beauties produce individual blossoms and flower multiple times during the season. They can grow up to six feet tall!

2. Hosta Patriot

The hosta patriot welcomes guests easily when planted around walkways around the home. It’s a plant that enjoys part shade to full shade. Its interesting leaves prove to be distinctive in any home area. It’s simple to mix them with other perennials for an interesting look.

3. Sunflowers

These tall and brilliant flowers stand proudly in any home garden. Sunflowers are annuals and usually span 2 to 4 inches across on the flower head. Plant them in full sunlight for best results. They bloom beautifully in the summer and are a staple for any family enjoying some summer fun.

4. Lamb’s Ear

This plant is an interesting perennial known for its thick and velvety leaves. It’s a dense and low-growing plant that will make your flower beds stand out. Full sun is necessary, and it grows best in well-drained soil; however, it will grow in less adequate soil conditions.

5. Tiger Lilys

The Tiger Lily provides stunning flowers for any space that wants a more striking and breathtaking vibe. When it comes to planting for landscape appeal, this lily is a perennial that will come back each year looking just as impressive as before.

Landscape planting that looks attractive can do a world of good for the look of someone’s home. With the right Colorado Springs landscapers, a resident’s yard can completely transform into a beautiful oasis of flowers and plants that set the mood for gatherings with loved ones.