Colorado Residential Landscaping – Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Most people have heard various expressions that describe the tremendous impact of a first impression. The same concept applies to houses. Every visitor and even passersby of a house quickly forms an opinion based on the home’s exterior. Based on the condition and layout of the landscape, people quickly determine what they think of the property’s cleanliness, structural integrity and safety, and they may even form opinions of the homeowner. The first impression visitors and those who are simply passing by receive upon seeing a home is often referred to as curb appeal. Sunflower Landscapes is available to assist in adding curb appeal to any Colorado residence.

How to Add Curb Appeal to a Property

An easy starting point for enhancing residential landscape curb appeal is to look at the house’s surrounding vegetation. Overgrown grass, neglected trees and untrimmed shrubs can make a property appear as if it has not been properly maintained. Simply enlisting the services of Sunflower Landscapes to maintain the lawn or trim and shape hedges can draw visitors’ eyes to the more attractive features of the home. Homes that have privacy issues or could simply use more plant life may benefit from the addition of shrubs and hedges. A professional landscaper can also help property owners improve their outdoor space by renovating and creating a walkway or driveway to add functionality, access and style to a home’s exterior. Some homeowners may have older trees that have become diseased and may pose a hazard on their property. A professional landscaping service can assess the health of the lot’s trees and safely remove any trees that are dead or diseased and cannot be preserved.

Maximizing a Property’s Value

Every homeowner wants to get the most out of their property whether they are planning to sell now, in the near future or many years down the road. The professionals at Sunflower Landscapes have the knowledge and training that is necessary for adding curb appeal to any Colorado residence. They offer a variety of one-time and regular maintenance services that can help property owners achieve their goal of maximizing residential landscape curb appeal.