Celebrate Desert Beauty with Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is one of the many forms of custom landscape designs. Specifically, it helps home and business owners integrate the beauty of the desert into their landscape while also conserving water and protecting the environment. Xeriscaping redesigns an area that previously may have been covered with grass and instead uses a variety of materials to cover the ground in an attractive way that is in harmony with the natural world.

Many people picture desert landscaping as being just a yard full of rocks. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Anyone can dump a load of rocks in their yard. In contrast, a professional landscaper will use xeriscaping designs that specifically suit the size of the area to be updated and the tastes of the property owner. An attractive example of desert landscaping should include a variety of colors, materials, and plants that will subtly lead the eye to a major focal point. A yard full of rocks would never be able to accomplish that.

A common misconception about desert landscaping is that it doesn’t use plants. It is true that authentic xeriscaping designs do not incorporate plants that require large amounts of water, but that does not mean that plants are not used. Instead of grass and large, leafy bushes, custom landscape designs for arid climates use cacti and other desert plants to add greenery but save water. These types of plants benefit from drip irrigation. This form of irrigation drips large drops of water close to the ground where it can be absorbed and used by the plant. This is a water-conscious replacement to sprinklers and sprays that soak lawns and sidewalks indiscriminately and allow water to evaporate uselessly, causing needless waste and increased humidity.

In addition to plants, an expert landscaper can also use large rocks as statement pieces in a yard. These rocks may be bright orange or red and will certainly break up the landscape. They can also create paths and patterns that will make a yard resemble a mini nature hike down an inviting desert trail. No matter what, a well-xeriscaped yard will delight the senses and help the owner live more in harmony with their environment.

If you are tired of your water bill and the high maintenance landscape design you may currently have outside your home, call The Sunflower Boys at Sunflower Landscapes in Colorado Springs today to get a quote on a freshly xeriscaped yard. Your wallet will thank you and you won’t regret it!