Backyard Retreats

With all of the busyness in our rushed, modern lifestyle, a backyard retreat can be a soothing place to recover. The styles, choices and moods that can be created in an outdoor living environment are nearly endless.

Families with small children can consider creating backyard landscaping in two distinct styles that can meet differing needs. The first area might feature a fun stone pathway that leads to a play area with swings and a sandbox. Hearty bushes and wildflowers encircling the play yard would add a whimsical touch. Parents might consider a potting shed that doubles as a playhouse complete with window boxes brimming with blooms. The second area would take on a more grownup version of a backyard retreat, featuring a large deck with an outdoor kitchen space, comfy outdoor furniture, a fire pit and a lush landscape. Oversized flower bowls and colorful outdoor cushions will complete the look.

For those who adore all things involving food, an outdoor living environment centered around a kitchen garden might be a fun match. Imagine French doors opening up onto a covered outdoor terrace sporting strings of quirky lights as well as a lovely brick floor. Add an outdoor dining table, buffet and chairs for a cozy place to taste test those fresh garden recipes. Cooks can choose an area to surround with white picket fencing and fill with all the foods they would like to grow. The addition of a matching white trellis and climbing roses would be a nice touch for this retreat.

A zen-type garden can be designed for those who simply want to enjoy gorgeous backyard landscaping and luxurious plantings. This design might include serene water features that can help soothe the soul. Layered retaining walls can be scattered around the backyard, each featuring various plants and flowers organized by color, size or type. Resting stations can be placed throughout the gardens in the form of stone benches or wooden chairs fitted with plump cushions. A swinging outdoor bed would be the perfect way to take in all the sights and sounds of this outdoor living environment.

Whether the backyard caters to an active family, provides goodies for an avid cook or is simply a place to relax and unwind at the days’ end, Dustin and Sheldon can help create the perfect backyard retreat that will meet outdoor needs beautifully.