5 FAQ’s

Here at Sunflower Landscapes, we are constantly trying to help our current or future Sunflower Landscapes, clients with any questions they may have about our services or landscaping in general. Below is the beginning of a list of questions and answers we have received in the past from our customers or currently are getting. This is information for anyone interested in landscaping designs and may be wondering what we can do to help…..

  • 1       Who will complete the work on my property?
    •        The owners of Sunflower Landscapes and their employees.
  • 2.       Are your workers certified?
    •        The owners of Sunflower Landscapes attend and take part in education programs. Programs such as landscape lighting, irrigation, water feature, paver installation and polymeric sand application have been attended. We take pride in having the most knowledge about everything that pertains to landscaping and outdoor living.
  • 3.       Are you insured?
    •        Yes, we are insured and also have workman’s compensation for every employee. Our employees and clients are of utmost importance to us so we make sure to cover all the bases.
  • 4.       What type of residential clients do you work for?
    •        We work for any homeowner who wants a quality and custom landscape to complement their home investment.
  • 5.       What type of return can I expect on my landscape investment?
    •        Homes increase in their value by 15% after adding any additional landscape design to them. “Money Magazine” estimates that you can expect to recover 100%-200% of your landscaping cost back when you sell your home.