5 Other FAQ’s

Finally, the last third of our FAQ section will hopefully provide all the answers to those lingering questions.

11.  How often should I water?

  • Water restrictions do apply in certain parts of each county. It is important to keep any new landscape material such as plants, trees, and sod moist for 2-4 weeks after initial install. Once landscape material has been established, watering can be reduced. Also make sure to winter water!

What is winter watering?

  • Winter watering is making sure you provide adequate water 2-3 times per month to landscape material such as plants, trees, and sod during the cold winter months. This will help extend the overall life of your materials, as well as keep them healthier once they are able to fully blossom again in the spring.

Do you install low voltage lighting systems?

  • We do install and maintain low voltage lighting systems. We are very well educated on and provide many brands that are available for homeowners. We are a big fan of LED lighting systems because they are becoming more popular with their efficiency and lower cost.

What percent of a home’s total value is spent on landscaping?

  • Typically 10%-15% of a home’s value is expected to be spent on landscaping. The landscape design of a home is like the wrapping paper of a present; the initial look offers the entire vibe of what’s inside.

Why is landscaping important to home owners?

  • Landscaping provides a curb appeal that increases the value of not only your home but the neighborhood you reside in. It’s the simple pleasure of elegant design of anything that attracts the human eye. Landscaping also provides a place for outdoor entertaining and pure enjoyment to be had with your family and friends!